Should I have a travel insurance?

We highly recommend having your own trip insurance in the event something unexpected happens. This will also cover any portion of your deposit we are unable to refund in case you have to cancel.

What if I have to Cancel?

Saigon Day Trippers (Half day to full day tours)
For cancellations made more than 96 hours from the start of your tour, we will refund 100% of your deposit as well as the remaining balance if it was paid in advance.
For cancellations made less than 96 hours to 24 hours from the start of your tour, the deposit will be forfeited. The remaining balance, if it was paid in advance, will be refunded.
For cancellations made less than 24 hours from the start of your tour and in case of no-show, no refund will be provided.

If you must cancel a reservation, contact SPA as soon as possible. SPA requires a cancellation notice to be sent in writing (email is preferred).

SPA cannot offer partial refunds for unused services. If you have to cut your trip short, no refunds can be given but we can offer you a discount if you sign-up for a future trip.
Cancellation fees and forfeited deposits are non-transferable. If you sign-up for another trip, we can apply part of the lost deposit towards the new trip. Contact us for details.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book a tour?

Yes, to reserve a booking for our Saigon Day-Tripper tours, we require a 20% deposit.

What is the group size?

Our maximum group size varies depending on the tour. We try to limit the group size enough to give every photographer plenty of individual attention, and also to make it easier for us to blend into the environment and not be overly intrusive when we’re meeting the locals.

– Saigon Landmarks Photowalk : 12 max.
– Cholon Backstreets : 5 max.
– Saigon Scoot’n’shoot : 3 max.
– One-on-one workshops : 3 max.

I am a solo traveler. Can I still book your tours?

Yes, we welcome bookings for solo travelers on all our tours.

What payment methods do you accept?

A 20% deposit is required to confirm the booking of any Saigon Day Tripper tour, The remaining 80% balance for the trip cost can be paid either on the day of the tour, by cash in Vietnam Dong or US Dollars, or in advance via a Paypal link that will be provided in your confirmation email.
If you choose to pay in cash, please make sure that your bills are in good condition, without any tears or markings on them. It is very difficult to exchange bills in Vietnam unless they are in near perfect condition.

What happen if it rains?

As a general rule the rain never lasts long (about 30-45 minutes), then either we will go under cover to continue to photograph or take a coffee talking picture.

I only take pictures for fun will I fit in?

Absolutely! Our tours are for photographers meaning anyone with a camera. Those that join range from complete beginners to people who like to record their travels for memory’s sake to semi-professional photographers who shoot for competitions and exhibits. Our tours are geared towards taking you to the most photogenic places in a relaxed manner allowing free time, where possible, to explore and photograph.

What should I bring on my photo tour?

- Your camera of course; digital camera is a MUST – be it point & shoot, D-SLR, or smartphone.
– A wide lense (16-35mm) and a telephoto (70-200mm), bring a lens for portraiture if you have one (50, 85, 100 or 135mm)
– Plenty of memory cards (formatted and ready to go); always carry a backup.
– Extra batteries for your camera and flash (if you have one).
– A mini tripod like a “gorillapod” may be helpful
– Your camera’s manual may be helpful.
– Small pocket size note pad and pen.
– Most importantly, bring your learning hats.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, hot weather-appropriate clothes including comfortable walking shoes for your photo tour

What shouldn’t I bring?

Bring only what you need. Unless otherwise stated DO NOT bring any extra equipment such as full size tripods, luggage or extra bags. The less you carry the more you will get out of your photo tour experience!

What can I expect joining one of your tours?

You can expect to improve your photography, develop your personal vision, make new friends, discover new horizons and new cultures, have fun, experience adventure, be in awe of this great city of Saigon, deepen or rekindle your passion for photography, and come back with memorable photos and anecdotes.

Besides taking photographs what else can I expect?

Each tour is customized to fit the photographers objectives. If one of your goals is to improve your photography skills we can discuss:
– Ways to become more creative
– Learning to see – how to visualize an image
– Composition, ISO, Shutter Speed, F-Stop
– Panning, intentional blurring, using motion…